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Diplo, 128 Beats Per Minute, Book
Wesley Pentz, the birth name behind alias Diplo, is one of the most influential people in the dance music industry. Not only has he established one of the most successful underground cult followings in Mad Decent, but he’s expanded his brand to reach the masses in more ways than the general population can often realise. He’s the name behind sounds like ‘Paper Planes’ (MIA) and the addictive beat backing of ‘Flashing Lights’ (Kanye West). He’s also produced for names like Wale, Buraka Som Sistema, Beyonce, Hyper Crush and many more. We could write a short story on the people he’s collaborated with and wouldn’t have the will power to surmise all the names he’s remixed, coming as a testament to his versatility not only as a producer but as an entrepreneur.

Since his early days as Diplodicus and a school teacher in Philly, to his modern day involvement with underground super-troupe Major Lazer, he’s always kept an amazingly cool persona that makes his intuitive thoughts as addictive as the music he makes. Hitting a little closer to home, he’s also the spearhead behind Heaps Decent, an Australian initiative that helps underprivileged kids connect and interact threw music.

In what one could consider a more than expected outcome, Diplo has decided to transcribe his journeys and debut in the world of writing, setting himself a goal to publish his first book in April of 2012. '128 beats per minute' will follow the US superstars journeys around the globe, from his time in Jamaica to his parties in Tek Aviv and everywhere in between. Shot by Shane McCauley and published by Rizzoli, its safe to say this book will give a unique insight into a modern day genius and shine light on exactly what makes him tick.

Get excited!

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