Wednesday, 23 November 2011


deadmau5, South Africa Tour
In anticipation of deadmau5′s arrival in South Africa, he posted a link depicting the latest lineup announcement on his fanpage.
Unfortunately when you have a fan base of nearly 4.5 million, you can guarantee a plonker or two commenting unsavory nonsense...

Daniel Cisneros "Lol people in south Africa struggle for food but not music"
Brad Devins "touring in the deserts now.. nice hahah"
Dylan Ion "Space of AIDS."
Sage Jackson "good luck in south africa.. bring security"
Collin Thomas "Is it just me or doesn't south Africa not have any computers?"
Jesse Martinez "theres culbs in south africa? 0.o"
Matt Crane "Who's in Africa really? Out of all places in the world... you go to Africa... all Africa has is constant war and rebel groups... I dont see how electronic music fits in that"

The mau5 hit back...

"First off, allow me to apologize on behalf of some (not all) of my ignorant "fans" for their idiotic remarks. Pretty much all of the "fans" making negative remarks about South Africa haven't even left their mommys basement, let alone be privileged enough to visit South Africa. Having said that, they should be pissed off... theyre going to miss out on the party of a decade.

I dont share their narrow minded views in the very least, in fact, the extreme opposite.

This has been the most anticipated tour i have ever had the pleasure of seeing... ever since i've posted the tour announcement, i have NEVER in my 5 years of touring have EVER seen so much excitement for just 3 events. That alone is enough to put a HUGE smile on my face. I cannot fucking wait to get down there and see the sights, meet the people, and rock the venues!

Don't mind the negativity... when i leave to SA, those other idiots are staying home. :D "

What a ledge.

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