Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Funkagenda, remix competition winner
In August we gave details of a remix/DJ competition our fave tech-nician Funkagenda put on the table (www.dirtysmart.com/clubbingnews/504.html).

The rules were simple- remix his track 'Shinjuku', bang it in a 1 hour mixtape, then submit it to the man himself...
The results are in...
and the winner is....

ALEX DIMOU from Berlin, Germany! Congratulations!!!

A word from the man with the red face:
The reason this mix stood out for me was simple. I barely knew ANYTHING on the tracklist yet when I listened through it I could not stop nodding my head. What Alex did with my track was great too. He took my elements + turned it into HIS sound. He didn't try to impress me by making a "bomb" or by going for something that is Beatport fodder. He made something that sounds exactly like what he plays. That, in my opinion is the sign of a great remixer...
So, well done Alex!!! You will be joining myself, Norman Doray + Paul Thomas in the main room at Ministry Of Sound on December the 3rd!

Check it out yourself:


1: Michael J Collins - Nothing wrong to hooding on (Maurice Aymad remix)
2: Foolish and Sly - Come a little closer (Original Mix)
3: Michael J Collins - Sloppy baby moonbeam powder (Original Mix)
4: Michael J Collins - Lotion Pants (with Sass) (Original Mix)
5: Nicolas Jaar - Space is only noise (Dave Aju remix)
6: Alex Dimou - Rephil (Original Mix)
7: Mario & Vidis - Changed feat Ernesto (Original Mix)
8: Funkagenda - Shinjuku (Alex Dimou remix)
9: Kid Bliss - Discohit (Original Mix)
10: James Blake - Limit to your Love (Alex Dimou remix)
11: Heiko Laux + Teo Schulte - Sound Hug (Daniel Bortz remix)

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