Wednesday, 23 November 2011


New Magnetic Man Album
Benga has revealed on his Facebook that we can expect a new Magnetic Man album early next year.
Benga also told fans he’s working on his own solo album, and that he “can’t wait to give a drop date”.

So what can expect from the new material? Answering questions from his fans on Facebook, Benga gave a few things away. When asked where he sees his sound going in the next few years, Benga responded “I don’t know, things are changing so fast at the moment, it’ll still be my original twist to things, I could never leave that behind”. As for if he’ll ever start producing songs like his early material again, the Croydon native answered “Maybe one day! It’s all about experimenting”.

Questions Benga chose not to answer included “What is the purpose of life?” “Can you smoke with me..?” and “Can you read minds?” We can only wonder.

Check out last weeks Skream & Benga interview by MTV *HERE*

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