Thursday, 6 October 2011


A man who changed the world....
rest in peace,

from a man who's trying

DJ tweets:

deadmau5 : #RIPSTEVEJOBS can't say anything that hasn't already been said about this visionary.

Steve Aoki : fuck cancer

Joachim Garraud : #stevejobs. Thank you for the work you make possible every day. You wrote the future !


Eric Prydz : I think I speak for all my colleges when I say: You will be missed Steve. Your products and enthusiasm changed the way we make music.

Benga : Wow. Rip Steve Jobs, you changed the world.

Micha Moor : RIP Steve Jobs... (sent from one of his products)

Calvin Harris : Steve Jobs what a brilliant man, what a legend, he changed the world, R.I.P

Tommie Sunshine : Steve Jobs is the reason that everyone knows that Steve Jobs died.

Diplo : steveJ gone .... . our n**ga dead

Dirty South : Steve Jobs changed the entire world...Rest In Peace

Skrillex : Steve, heard you were chilln in peace w your fam when you decided to peace out.. Cool way to kick it... you killed out here man!

Funkagenda : I just need some porn on iPad 1 + Angry Birds on iPad 2 + we have a helluva tribute... #RIPSteveJobs

A-Trak : It's pretty amazing how Steve Jobs was able to personify everything great about Apple. All we can say is thank you.

Ajapai : RIP Steve Jobs

Hervé : Steve jobs dead? Never met him but feels like end of an era

Sinden : wouldn't be making music if it wasn't for apple products. RIP steve jobs

Drums Of Death : Cancer is fucking bullshit. Steve Jobs RIP

Chris Lake : RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for your visions and actions that have benefited millions (sent from one of his products)

Mustard Pimp : I hate Apple anyway.

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