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Warping Ableton
The tech wizards from Ableton have been in touch and given us a coupon code to pass on to Dirty Smart fans, giving £5 off the Ableton Live 8 Warping Course!

Warping Ableton first emerged in 2008 when they offered a simple warping service for Ableton Live DJs online. Since those humble days they have moved on to offer a range of services for Ableton Live DJ’s, Traktor DJ’s and other digital DJs.
During 2010 Warping Ableton evolved further to offer online training to develop the warping skills of their user’s in Ableton Live 8.

2011 has seen the growth and development of their warping training to incorporate both live and downloadable courses.
The warping course offered by Warping Ableton shows the longest journey travelled. It has evolved from a teacher led online training course costing £99, to a tried, tested and proven downloadable learner led course costing £29.99 in just one year!

The downloadable course of today offers everything the teacher led course offered, including the lessons learned on how to improve the warping training. Today’s warping course provides the same journey to discover skills, but has been streamlined to save the learner’s money.

The course starts with the basic warping skills required to warp simple electronic tracks; then it moves on to more difficult and complex warp jobs including ambient music and IDM; finally it steps up a gear to cover how to warp live band music and even acapella tracks. All of this training is done with the ‘Auto-Warp’ feature switched off so that a raw control of the warp grid can be gained by the learners.
“The DJing world has always entertained those with esoteric knowledge and skill historically, however those days are becoming a thing of the past with today’s emerging internet technologies,” states Mark Cochrane the founder of “It’s our intension to continue to develop this course through customer feedback to ensure we have the most informative and accessible Ableton Warping Course for Ableton Live 8 users.”

Visit to order the course and enter 'WARPCOURSE' in the 'coupon code' box during checkout to take advantage of this offer.

PROPS Ableton!

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