Monday, 17 October 2011


In a disturbing start to the week, Kitsuné prodigy 'The Magician' has been attacked on stage during a show in Bern, Switzerland last night.

The Belgian DJ's Facebook page reported early this morning that an audience member threw a "chemical liquid" onto his face during the performance. The Magician, real name Stephen Fasano, was admitted to the emergency room but has assured fans that he is "better now". Fasano’s Facebook page has also appealed for information, photos or video from audience members that could help catch the as-yet unknown assailant.

Club Bonsoir - "We are shaken to the core that such an attack took place at our venue and we will take all necessary action to track the offender. We are deeply sorry for the unpleasing experience The Magician and some near standing guests had at Club Bonsoir last Saturday night.

This is the second grave incident in 2 weeks after three years of peace and harmony at Club Bonsoir. We will do all it takes to to prevent any further sabotage.

If you have seen the offender or if you have any relevant information that could help to track the offender, please get in touch via or contact the local police.
All information will be handled strictly confidential"

One Facebook fan suggested “He was probably upset that the DJ didn’t want to play his favourite Skrillex track”. Chilling stuff.

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