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deadmau5, GLOWfest, 19.10.11
Just hours before 'curtains up', the GLOWfest Twitter page announced that the show (19.10.11) headlining deadmau5 had been cancelled due to "inclement weather."

Here is a report by IDS News of the insanity that followed this tweet....

deadmau5 threw his cigarette on the floor of the Bluebird Nightclub’s back room and stomped on it.
He took another swig of Red Bull...

"Why the fuck would you have an outside show in October?" deadmau5 asked rhetorically.

GLOWfest had been cancelled. About 5,400 ticket holders were furious, Twitter was blowing up and more than 1,500 people were lined up around Walnut and Sixth streets in the freezing rain.

GLOWfest was a contracted "rain or shine" event. However, with nearly a million dollars of stage equipment at risk, the plug was pulled, leaving a mere two hours to come up with a plan B...

GLOWfest was out, and a new event was in formation...

"We had these four artists in this small town, and we had to come up with something quick," Kate Swanson (GLOWfest Publicist and IU junior) said. "We considered a lot, but it had to be fast. The Bluebird was open, so that’s what we did."

Bluebird worker Molly Carroll said she got the text at about 8 p.m. saying the club needed everyone to come in immediately. Doors were set to open at 9 p.m., and they planned to instantly reach maximum capacity.

"People were stressed," Carroll said. "Everything was taken out of the freezers, and we cut as much fruit as we could, and then the doors opened."

A security guard was placed at Carroll's side while people crowded the Bluebird tubs for beer. But when opener Le Castle Vania took stage, there were bigger issues for security to handle.

"People were hanging from the rafters, crowd surfing and those who had a few too many were having to be carried out," Carroll said.

It was hard to tell the difference between rain-soaked, sweat-soaked and spilled-drink-alcohol-soaked as the crowd was so closely tangled. Fans wetness was a mix of all three, brought together by the sounds of neo-trance dubstep. Le Castle Vania's remix of La Roux's "In for the Kill" was met with screams of approval, taking the atmosphere to an even higher level.

"Le Castle Vania just hit the decks," deadmau5 tweeted soon after the opener took stage; "Insanity ensues."

Seniors Katherine Bihrle and Samantha Skjodt were among 10 people dancing on a bench to the side of the stage when it flipped, throwing them to the floor in a twisted heap of bodies, neon, spandex and glow sticks.

Bihrle said no one was hurt, and everyone simply got back up and started dancing again.

"No one was still," Bihrle said. "It was one of the smallest venues he's been at for, like, seven years, but that just made everything so personal."

Feed Me took the stage, creating a different tone as they welcomed the crowd in an English accent to a taste of house and what some call "intelligent dance" music. Toward the end of Feed Me's performance, Joel Zimmerman walked on to continue revealling his identity to the crowd by placing on his mau5head.

People went crazy.

deadmau5's "Raise Your Weapon", among other fan favorites, escalated the commotion.

"The show was so close to the audience," Skjodt said. "He had to have felt the energy of the crowd, and I know it was something he hasn't felt in awhile."

After the show, deadmau5 tweeted to Bloomington "oh geez... not going to lie, but i need more shows like that in my life... worst sound ever, worse setup ever, BEST CROWD OF ALL TIME. how fucking amazing was that. TOTALLY made up for BLOWfest!!! Im motivated to come back, many times"

GLOWfest / BLOWfest has yet to officially announce if there will be compensation for ticket holders that were unable to enter the Bluebird.

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