Monday, 17 October 2011


The Crookers, Dr. Gonzo
As the release of Crookers' newest album 'Dr. Gonzo' approaches, the Italian pair describe the LP as 'accrocchio' which refers to the pulling together of abstract and unrelated elements.

Featuring a number of collaborations including the likes of Carli, the Savage Skulls, Hudson Mohawke & Lazy Ants to name a few, the release offers a variety of exclusive material. Early subscribers can download the otherwise unavailable track 'Juke' completely free while the 'Ultimate Gonzo' edition includes the vinyl only track 'Monkeyface' limited to 200 pressings.

'Dr. Gonzo' is out on Mad Decent on 7th November and available for pre-order now. Check out the tracklist and teaser video below;


01. Dushi
02. Wake app
03. Dr Gonzo’s Anthem (ft. Carli)
04. Hummus (ft. Hudson Mohawke & Carli)
05. Bust ‘em up (ft. Savage Skulls)
06. Gonzo c.a.m.p (ft Marcus Price & Carli)
07. Carcola (ft. His Majesty Andre & Lazy Ants)
08..Woh a do (ft. Keith & Supabeatz)
09. That laughing track (ft. Style of Eye & Carli)
10. Get the f*^k out my house (ft. Savage Skulls)
11. Springer (ft. Neoteric & Wax Motif)
12. Texx (ft. Surkin & Bobmo)
13. Just the end

Dr. Gonzo Teaser Video:

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