Monday, 21 February 2011


You’d think that would’ve learned his lesson by now. After his world-crushing group The Black Eyed Peas had two previous plagiarism run-ins with Deadmau5 and Adam Freeland – the latter of which went to legal action – the BEP frontman is at it again, this time blatantly lifting beats from German DJ and producer Boys Noize.

In a case that’s eerily similar to when he jacked a Daft Punk production for his own single, has ripped Boys Noize’s recent dancefloor destroyer -Yeah- to serve as the backing track for -Dance-, a tune released under’s Zuper Blahq moniker. While Boys Noize and have worked together on previous Black Eyed Peas material it would appears as though there was no collaboration this time around, with Boys Noize seemingly addressing the drama on Twitter when exclaimed that it was “used without permission”.

What makes this whole thing even worse is that the use of -Yeah- isn’t even creative, it’s just there almost completely unaltered save for some incoherent vocal rants.

In an interesting turn of events, the video director Jam Sutton has disabled the original Vimeo link and Dim Mak has now removed the Zuper Blahq video from YouTube. All we can find of the track is this low quality rip of the video on YouTube, but don’t let that spoil your enjoyment of the song… Naaat.

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