Tuesday, 22 February 2011


It is a sad day.
My favourite artist of all time has revealed the shocking news that he is hanging up his headphones and pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a rollerskate referee.

This shocking revelation has been met with extreme hostility.
A group of the Dutchman's fans, calling themselves “The Laidback Lucy's”, have kidnapped his tour manager 'Toeknee D', and are threatening him with excessive tickling unless Luke continues to make music.

Thus far Luke has refused to comply with their demands, and issued the following statement:
"I was getting sick of Toeknee D anyway, after he added ham and cheese sandwiches to the artist rider..."

Just kidding!

The above picture is actually taken from the music video of the dancefloor destroyer- TIMEBOMB!

Luke has teamed up with long time collaborator, vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn, to create what Annie Mac on Radio 1 described the Instrumental mix as a ‘stadium house’ track.

Never one to shy away from his fans and supporters, Luke has decided to offer you the high-quality video for Timebomb to post on your blog site.

Loud, colourful, fast paced and action packed, it’s the true visual epitome of Luke’s larger-than-life-ethos and a great accompaniment to the Radio 1 and Buzz Chart topping single from Holland’s most in demand house producer.

This is a brand new video for one of the house hits of the coming months, and we are looking to spread Luke’s manifesto far and wide.

Ch-Ch-Check it out!



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